wood staining project

Find Wood Staining in Minden, NV

Graham Painting helps you protect your siding and decking

If there's wood on the exterior of your home or office, you can't cover it with a ordinary latex paint. Graham Painting will stain your exterior surfaces to protect the wood and bring out its natural grain. We do all types of wood staining in the Minden, Nevada area.

If your home has cedar or redwood siding, we'll get the stains out of the wood before recoating them. We also use primer on bare wood before staining it to make sure the color will last. Contact Graham Painting today for wood staining in Minden, NV.

Bring out the natural qualities of your wood surfaces

Staining will bring out the natural grain of wood to enhance the beauty of your home. Our experienced painters will take good care of your:

  • Siding
  • Decking
  • Trim

We can match colors if you'd like to keep the color you already have. Over time, the sun will cause stain to fade.

Learn more about wood finishes in Minden, NV by contacting Graham Painting today.